Run, Football, Cheesecake & Run

Yes this actually happened. I was running really late from work on Friday but wanted to watch the England game. It was either go for a run and miss the England game or watch the England game and don’t go for a run. After much deliberation I decided to combine both. My friend phoned and asked if I wanted to watch the game at his. PERFECT! I decided rather than driving down I would run. That’s how I roll! It is only about a 4 mile round run. What I didn’t bargain for was the rather large plate of lime cheesecake I was given at half time.  Delicious as it tasted it really did no agree with the run on the way back.

Today (MONDAY) I have decided to not venture out. I had a rather large booze night on Saturday and I am still recovering. I need a rather large detox but with my birthday around the corner the detox may fail sooner rather than later! I will be back tomorrow with a new run to post!


First Winter Evening

I did this run on Tuesday but sorry for the delay. Tuesday was my first winter evening run of 2012. I really enjoy running at night. I love wrapping up warm and wearing all the high viz running clothing. It was perfect running conditions. Not too hot. Not too cold and a slight drizzle. Again I am only running at about 60% fitness. Recovering from my holiday blues and illness that I come back with. I am glad to report that the illness has now, along and the headaches and chesty cough sweated out. Thank GOD. Here are some the details of my short evening run.

Now I am feeling much much better I think it maybe time to add a couple more miles on to my runs. I don’t want to over do it but the Plymouth10K is not far away now and need to cram in some more miles.  I am planning on a run tomorrow (FRIDAY)  and depending how I feel I am aiming for around a 5-6 mile run. So stay tuned! and take care in the cold winter evenings!

Burrator Reservoir

Hello! Another week another run! How was everyone’s weekends? I had a day off from work today so decided to make the most of it and go for a run around Burrator Reservoir. It is one of my favourite places to run. It is about a 3.5 mile course around a historic flooded town, which has now been turned into a reservoir.  MORE INFO HERE I have also managed to take some pictures along the route.

Still recovering from my cold I am still struggling for pace and endurance. This will come over the next few weeks and I should be OK for the Plymouth10k. I cannot seem to get rid of the dry tickly cough, which really does hamper my running and breathing. I am sure I can kick it in to touch in the next coming days. Below you can find some info taken from my Garmin.

See you soon!


ImageAt last my first blog post! Hi folks. I have felt a little tired as of late so today was a  recovery run for my body to get back into things. Despite the poor time I am  happy with all the hills I had to encounter. Living in Plymouth is a nightmare  As some of you may know. 90% of Plymouth is hills and it is impossible to avoid! However, when it comes to race day the hill training comes in very handy. Below are my stats from today’s run. Leave a comment if you wish!
Stay tuned for more updates.